Benefits of a Knee Walker When Having an Injury

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If you have a knee injury, it is difficult to roam around.  In the past, people were depended on the use of crutches to keep on moving despite being injured.  Having advances in technology, there is an alternative device used for an injury that everybody may get interested in. The most common device that every medical professional advice is to offer a knee walker for a broken foot, ankle sprain or knee injury to keep the injured area elevated, and get as much rest as possible.

What is a knee walker?

Knee Walker is a wheeled walker device that allows you to take the weight off your lower extremities to assist you in the healing process. This device allows you to keep moving while giving your injured leg or foot a support to prevent further injury. This device also is designed for weight-bearing relief to aid you in your recovery in an easier way.

It is constructed in a similar way of a child’s scooter; the difference is that you’ll be in a seated position to remain your injured leg stationary. Most of the knee walker has three or four wheels and a cushioned seat for you to sit. You use your uninjured leg to push off the walker and move around.

Here are the benefits you can obtain in purchasing a knee walker when suffering from an injury.

Paying for a knee walker

Medical assistance devices like a knee walker can often be very expensive and a burden to purchase.  If you have a good credit history then you may be able to obtain financing either through applying for credit cards or through financing available from the retailer.  Even if you have a poor credit history or low FICO score you can attempt to increase your score through a credit score repair service.

Maintain Good Posture

Being injured is difficult to have a good posture because it is not easy to endure the pain. But having a knee walker, you’re able to have mobility while protecting the newly repaired leg or foot.  With the crutches, your arms carry the weight of your body that may cause soreness and stiffness.

Helps to Recover Fast

One of the recommendations a doctor will make to a leg or foot injury is to keep it elevated.  Knee Walker provides an alternative option to crutches as it provides more support and comfort. It helps you to keep moving without putting any weight on your injury. Wheeled knee walker also provides a comfortable padded seat where you can securely rest your knee. However, you can still use crutches to aid your injury but make sure you aren’t putting any weight on your injury while it is healing.

Range of Motion

The knee walker is finely tuned and a versatile device. Its handlebar provides a good directional control that can cover all surfaces easily; even on grass, gravel, or dirt. The handlebars are also used to turn the front wheels and make a directional steering so that it is easy to navigate corners or tight areas. The ease and range of motion help you feel confident to move around without distressing about falling over or losing balance.

Speed and Ease


One of the difficulties you’ll face with crutches is the time and effort you take in walking a distance. There are varieties of knee walker models available on 3 or 4 wheels of which a patient can choose.  Ensure you find a model that is properly sized and satisfies your requirements, better take a “test drive” before purchasing. Wheeled Knee walkers’ gives great comfort, easy to use and maneuver distances over a short period of time. It glides you easily across surfaces without exerting energy in using it.

There are several advantages of using a knee walker instead of crutches. You’ll have the ability to move around even in an injury without putting any weight. With crutches, you need to rely on your strength to keep yourself upright. Knee walkers make every day a bit easy to do chores as you can adjust it to fit on your specification.

Crutches can weaken your body after repeated use, making the back muscles go into a slouching position to alleviate stress. Having a walker, you will save your back from being sore and enjoy without having chaffing or pain underneath your arms.